A Weekend in Champagne Country

We try to use every weekend to our best advantage, as our time here is limited and we don’t want to waste a moment of it.  However…we’re still leading normal busy lives during the week.  My husband as a financial auditor of things I don’t understand, and me as the busy mom of a little whirlwind of a two year old.  So sometimes our planning is a little lacking.  Or non-existent.  So it came to be that one evening we realized we had no plans for the following weekend and needed to figure something out asap.   On a whim we opted for a weekend in Champagne country.  Continue reading


Never Judge a City By It’s Candy – Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, home of the famous (to Belgians) Cuberdon.   If I did indeed judge the city by it’s candy I’d tell everyone I know to stay far, far, far away from Ghent. I took one bite of that little cone of goopy, purple, sickly-sweet nastiness and threw the rest out the window.  Gross.  Just gross.  And in defense of my Cuberdon hate, the other 3 adults in the car shared my convictions.  The only fan was my two year old daughter…because sugar.  Cuberdons aside, Ghent is honestly a great city.  We’ve visited twice now and I think its a bit of “hidden” gem.  So here are a few of my favorites from Ghent! Continue reading