4092 Miles Isn’t Far Enough

My husband and I woke up this morning hopeful.  A quick glance at social media confirmed what we had hoped could never happen.  All I can say is that I’m grateful our daughter is too young to understand what our country has chosen to stand for.  One day she will, but for now she lives in blissful ignorance of the worlds problems- and when the time comes hopefully I’ll have found the words to explain it to her.  I hope, for her sake and ours, thats its nothing more to her than a brief chapter in her history book and a lesson learned. 

So we carried on with our day, which meant going to our weekly “Sing & Play” group.  I and another American expat debated even leaving the house, dreading the questions and inquiries we were bound to face from the other (non-American) mothers.  There were some comments and looks that silently said “I’m so sorry”, but most people left the subject alone.   And Ellia?  Well…Ellia enjoyed every moment of her play group.  She jumped and clapped and shook her tambourine with kids from Germany, Belgium, France, and Canada.  Most of them don’t even speak a common language.  What they do all share are little eyes that see no skin color, and hearts that know no boundaries.  They just want to be friends and hang out in that cool plastic playhouse.  We could stand to learn something from them.

So where do we go from here?  I guess we just keep doing our best to teach her acceptance in a world that seems hell-bent on teaching her otherwise. We preach love and understanding. We let our respect for each other and those around us be her model, and remind her that nothing anyone can say – including our president, will ever define her worth as a woman. Hopefully her generation will do better than we have.


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