Princess Zelda

Animals have an amazing way of weaving themselves into our lives and our hearts.  I’m sure most people don’t even realize how deeply they love their animals until they are forced to part ways with them one way or another.  Whether it’s a loyal dog, a squawking bird, or in my case – a gorgeous but sometimes wretched little diva of a cat…they all find a way to turn us into a blubbering mess when it comes time to say goodbye.

While packing my husband came across the original “kitty coupon”

I begged my fiancé for months to agree to a cat.  He wasn’t fond of the idea but after relentless pestering he finally broke down and gave me a “coupon” for a kitty for Valentines Day.  So I marched my happy little ass down to the humane society and picked out a feisty little 5 month old kitten named Nellie.  We renamed her Zelda (that was all Dru, bet you can’t guess what his favorite video game is…) and she became our first baby.

One of first days at home with us

Due to what I attribute to some severe “mommy issues” (she was abandoned in a window well as a kitten) we’ve always had a love-hate relationship.  She never left my side when I wasn’t feeling well, loved watching tv snuggled up on my lap at night, and only ate pieces of my clothes- never daddy’s.  However, she also found it necessary to occasionally attack me out of the clear blue, silently eyeing me from a distance until the perfect moment to leap up and sink her teeth into whatever flesh might be exposed.  She’s never bit anyone else, not even my daughter, who had a habit of pestering her until I thought for sure she would snap.  So I’ve always chalked it up to her troubled childhood and learned to spot the cues she was in demon-mode.  Giant pupils my friends…beware the giant pupils.

Despite his hesitance my husband probably loved this sassy cat more than me.  He pushed for us to bring her with to Belgium but we both knew it was best for her to stay behind.  She’s living with his parents and their two collies (she has claws and is more than ready to deal with a dog 8 times her size) and I know they will love her and take great care of her.  She’s also probably long since forgotten she cares about us since she knows someone else will now religiously provide the pets and the  Fancy Feast.  Despite all these facts my heart still aches knowing how long it will be before I feel the soft, warm weight of her little body on my lap.  Whatever mischief you’re up to little princess…know mommy and daddy miss you and we can’t wait to get home and see you.

Packed up and heading to grandma & grandpas 😦


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