My Love Affair with an Older…Building.

Since we’ve arrived in Belgium I’ve found myself in a stunningly beautiful city with an overwhelming number of pictures on hand – but not a lot to say.  I could point out some attractions and tell you about the delightful food for days on end.  But it wouldn’t be anything Rick Steves couldn’t tell you just as easily (and probably more eloquently).  It wasn’t until last night as I was sitting on our couch literally sobbing over having to choose an apartment here in Brussels that I realized I had something that would be good for me to put into words.  My obsession with all things “old” and the crazy it can apparently bring out in me.  Get ready kids…I mean some real crazy.

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Hello, Brussels!

We’re finally here!!!!  We got in yesterday morning after a long (and thanks to E, somewhat nightmarish) overnight flight.  We took yesterday to settle in to our temporary housing and sleep off some of the jet lag.  After our shipment of belongings arrived today we hopped on a bus to the city center and took in some of the sights…and the waffles…and the frites.

Maison des Brasseurs

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